International Tournaments


South African Poker Open


The first poker tournament with international recognition in South Africa took place in May 2007 and was hosted by five -star hotel MontenCasino of Johannesburg. Participants enjoy a Poker Camp of 3 days ,in which are organized seminars on poker themes.

South African Poker Open 2007

The hosts of this tournament were James Kenn, international player , with over three million dollars awards in poker tournaments (16 wins in NL Texas Hold'em of 40 final tables attended ) , and Robert Williamson III ,the best player of Omaha in 2007. They held seminars regarding tournaments and cash games of Texas Hold'em NL and Omaha, and organizing numerous Sit & Go 's ( knockout tables ) in which they guided and encouraged participants to apply what they learned .

On the main event were more than 100 international players ,professionals or qualified through satellites , the fee being 3000 $ . Top 10 places have received awards so that all players who reached the final table were rewarded with money , the total value of prizes was $ 500,000.

 South African Poker Open 2008

In 2008 the tournament held in the same format as the previous year , being hosted in February by the hotel Monte Casino of Johannesburg. Participated 175 players, fee was 3000 $. Winner of this tour was Darren Kramer from Cape Town - South African Republic, who defeated in facing one on one ( heads up) on Chris Convery

 South African Poker Open 2009

The  tournament in 2009 took place in May at the hotel Monte Casino of Johannesburg. Format was similar to that used in previous years . Winner was D. Rosenthal, which won 520.000 ZAR ( South African Rand ) . All ten participants who were at the final table have been rewrdwd with prize money , including folk singer Danny K., ranked second in 2007 .