"Man can believe the impossible,
but can never believe the improbable."
-- Oscar Wilde

Every time i read stories about mysterious suck outs or impossible ways of rigging the online poker rooms i never seez to be amazed . i really can say that i am surprised that i get surprised by most of these silly stories . I should know that the words of Oscar Wilde are exactly right in this kind of situations .
   I realize still that there are tens of thousands players of online poker that practically don't even have the base in what poker experience means .
   Clearly when somebody sees something happening right under his eyes in flesh thinks about it as a more credible fact then when he sees it happening on the screen of a computer .
   For me personally , i have to remember that a great deal of my online poker opponents have great problems in understanding how some people are playing poker , that means that if you haven't seen a idiot playing poker before you should believe that a player like that doesn't even exist, on the other side if you had a learning curve similar to mine you have to know that anything can happen and you wouldn't be so surprised  .

   The Stick Out with 2 hands , a situation that most definitely would be considered by the online poker newbies a situation far to improbable to be possible .
   In my first hand i had 6c 7c , and i was small blind .With six players that already called i called  , the big blind raised . The flop was 5c 4s 3d.I don't remember how the action went in this betting session but it followed an Ac , moment in witch i bet fifteen bets against my only opponent.The river card was a Jack of clubs .I gladly bet and my opponent raised  i had to call and he showed me his cards , it was Qc 9c.
   So he bet very big with a card that even if he was going to make a suck out he could of still lose .
   Stop looking for explanations beside this one : a lot of people plays poker like absolute idiots , there is nothing more to be known then this, no impossible mystery to solve.
   This thing will always happen , get used to it , even be happy they exist because even thow you sometimes lose you will ultimate win on their expense .