Online casino reviewer: Online Gambling Pal

If you need a friend to guide you through the maze of the online casino industry, Online Gambling Pal is your surest bet. The portal is packed with all the inputs you need. The portal teaches you how to play the games, familiarises you with online casino jargon and provides casino news and reviews as well.


Online casino top 5

As a novice you might be confused by the plethora of online gaming portals, including casinos, sports betting sites and poker sites. Online Gambling Pal offers a snapshot of the best five online casino sites and a list the most reliable gambling houses. The portal bases its choice on its own vast experience as well as inputs from players who have been gambling for years. The service is invaluable, considering how easy it is for a beginner to lose money if he or she tries to locate honest sites by trial and error.


Gambling Manual

Online Gambling Pal has prepared a detailed manual on gaming, highlighting traps the unwary can fall into as well as providing useful tips and information that can heighten the thrill of online casino gaming. Another important facility is the rules section of the portal, where there are detailed explanations on how to play a wide variety of games. And if you need to know the rules of a game which has, for some reason, not been listed on the site, all you need to do is ask. Your query will be researched and answered.


Casino reviews, news and views on online casinos

The online casino portal also helps players learn in advance about the gaming environment in a variety of casinos. In-depth reviews talk about the games offered by each casino, the bonus conditions etc. Further, Online Gaming Pal brings you up-to-date on news and views pertaining to the industry. The dynamic news section on the site provides funny as well as investigative articles on myriad aspects of gaming, and the best news is, it’s regularly updated.

Casino betting on sports

Apart from all these facilities and poker and bingo rooms of its own, Online Gaming Pal also lets you indulge in sports betting, the highly popular new branch of gambling. It lists licensed and regulated bookmakers who serve millions of customers across the globe. These bookmakers offer over 10,000 bets each second, on a variety of facets, including injuries, penalties and time-outs, apart from outcome. And what’s more, you’ll be able to participate in Live Betting, which means you can follow matches live, anticipate events, place bets and collect your winnings live. Newcomers earn a welcome bonus of up to 100 percent, so they can get familiar with the world of online betting virtually for free. Taken all around, Online Gambling Pal is a practical and reliable guide to the complex world of online gambling. Visit Online Gambling Pal here !!