My first live poker tournament


  I have been a very big poker fan for the last 4 or 5 years , watching major poker tournaments on TV or on poker sites , but until a few weeks ago I never played at an organized live poker tournament before , I only used to play at online poker rooms , from witch I got my free bankrolls years ago and my deposit bonuses after that , now I only play poker online with my own money .
Maybe I played live poker a few times with my friend but without a real stake , only for fun .
This tournament was very fun also , actually it was more like a poker freeroll but with a lot of competitiveness thing that misses from the real freerolls . The registration was 30$ and every registered player was getting a number card from 1 to 30 , with is the number of registered players , and on that card you had 30$ worth of credit for the bar , the first place prize was a bottle of  J&B  whisky .
The location of the tournament was also a interested one , with a very old school kind of look , it was a basement pub in Sibiu , Romania , city that was the Europe’s capital of culture in 2007 , the name of the pub is Old Friends .
We started the tournament at about 12 A.M .
The players were split in 7 tables , 5 of them with 4 players each and 2 tables with 5 players each , every player had 2500 chips in different values , the winner of each table was going in to the final table .
After about 3 hours , three tables were finished and I then won my table with what was one of my luckiest hand ever I have to admit , I had Q of clubs and 5 c and he had 6 c and 7 c , obviously the flop was three cards of clubs and that was it .Also i like free bingo no deposit offers .
After some 2 hours more of sitting at the bar with my friends talking about our hands and game of poker , all the tables were finished and we entered the final table .
I was the most inexperienced player at the table but after about 3 and a half hours of poker I lost all my chips and let 2 more opponents in the game . So I finished it the third place what I think is a pretty good one for me being at my first live poker tournament .
I am now looking forward for the next Sunday poker day .