Johnny Chan

Name: Johnny Chan
Location: Cerritos United States
Cashes: 66
Total Winnings: $5,959,195
First Place Finishes: 13
WSOP Bracelets: 10
ProRank 1 Position: 1510 
Age: 53
Children: Six
Ambition: Opening my own Casino
Hobbies: Swimming, playing pool

Johnny Chan is one of the largest professional players of the poker world. Called "The Orient Express,he gained his notoriety by winning twice in 1987 and 1988 the main event of World Series of Poker the most prestigious poker tournament world, and giving the title of world champion (World Champion of Poker). Moreover the next year 1989 was a consequent step to winning the third title of world champion,but he was defeated in the final (heads up) y another great glory of poker world Phil Hellmuth, Jr. Throughout his career he won 10 WSOP bracelets engraved in gold, being on 2nd place, tied with Doyle Brunson Boyle following the same Phil Hellmuth, Jr. who won 11 bracelets.

Johnny Chan was born 1957in Canton Province China (Currently Guanghzou) and being the biggest brother of Chan family. When he was five, his family moved to Hong Kong, from where they emigrated to USA 1968 in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 1973 his father opened a restaurant in Houston, Texas. The accommodation withthe life in the United States was not easy. Besides he did not know english upon arriving in America, cultural differences between home and new country were very high.

The first had contact with poker was through bowling! That's because he spent much of free time bowling, asthey did the other young peopleat his age, until his friends have gathered to play a game of poker in which he joined.He was fascinated by this game and quickly realized that he has talent and could move to higher stakes. He even tried their luck at his father's restaurant, where he secretly organized poker games. Soon became customary to weekly poker parties, played with partners increasingly older and more experienced and has doubled its gains slightly at poker table. Unfortunately, although his talent was recognized poker, Johnny Chan hasn't been appreciated for that. Furthermore, in one day was expelled from the table because of its cunning!

At the age of 16 years raised some money and made a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada (Known as Sin City . He managed to get a fake ID (because in America under 21years old you are no tallowed to play in the casino) and managed to change $ 500 into chips.He played at a poker table and turned on the first night $ 500 to 20 000$.Fabulous, just that the next evening he lost all the money. Although he was about to start a promising career in Las Vegas Johnny Chan return however to Houston and follows the urgings of parents the Faculty of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston,thinking of taking over his father's business at a time.. The bug of pokers was installed in Chan and at the age of 21 he withdraw from courses and move on Las Vegas for a careea r as professional player. This decision was especially tough because he knew how disappointed the family would be.

Still he remembers his first impression on arrival at Las Vegas: "When I arrived, I felt like I had died and I had arrived in heaven. I love this city."Initially, his career has had many ups and downs.Occasionally had to engage temporary and to handle costs. When working as cook, was famous for the fact that immediately after getting out of hand went directly to the table without even to give aproff. He had to sell everything several times to pay its debts, but gave up his career as professional poker.Although that he was a child immigrant from China and that made his life very hardin the American casinos enjoyed a surprising advantage.

In 1982 something special happened and he realized that the success at the poker table is closely related with his lifestyle and for that he has changed dramatically and has waived its vices. First he quit smoking and then he changed his diet . Very soon his game has improved considerably and he participate in the tournament of America's Cup of Poker " owned by Bob Stupak.He has managed to eliminate 13 of the 16 opponents in less than 30 minutes! This performance made him legendary and made Bob Stupak to appoint "The Orient Express (Orient Express Train), called the store and now you. After this success, his career Johnny Chan became fulminant. He traveled from one tour to another, collecting, literally, trophy after trophy.In 1983 he participated for the first time at WSOP and finished fourth.Two years later (1985), Wins his first WSOP gold bracelet at the Limit Texas Hold'em (With fixed bets) event and acquires 171,000 dollars.

What is the formula for Johnny Chan success ? Sharp mind , fast and aggressive game and the ability to read their opponents.Has a diverse bag of play schemes that help to cope with any variants of poker.ohnny Chan Poker has published two books: "Play Poker Like Johnny Chan" (Play Poker like Johnny Chan) and "Million Dollar Hold'em: Limit Cash Games(Fixed betting money games: Hold'em, your million dollars).

Johnny Chan is an excellent poker player, leads a exemplar lifeat all levels and enjoy success when it comes to business projects. Now we can just put the question: is there any dream that can be achieved by Johnny Chan? And the answer is not difficult to give: everything this man touches turns into gold!