Doyle Brunson

Name: Doyle Brunson
Location: Las Vegas United States
Cashes: 48
Total Winnings: $5,492,696
First Place Finishes: 12
WSOP Bracelets: 10
ProRank 1 Position: 224  
Age: 76
Marital Status: Married
Children: Pam, Todd, Cheryl
Started Playing Poker: In college
Favorite Poker Game: Hold 'em
Ambition: To play poker until I'm 90 years old.
Hobbies: Swimming
Favorite Music: Country
Favorite Celebrity: Jesus
Poker Players I Respect Most: Too many to list
If I could change anything in the world: My age.


The king of poker Doyle Brunson has invented Texas Hold'em game as we know it today .Born in Longworth , Texas, Doyle proved to be a very promising athlete since his youth.He attended the university Hardin - Simmons of Abilene, Texas and had the chance to become a great basketball player but unfortunately because of his knee injury had to give up his dream of becoming famous in basketball . After graduation he took a Masters in Administrative Sciences and then worked as a consultant over car sales but he gave up the job and started playing poker full time . It was established in Las Vegas, Nevada, and became widely recognized as the father of poker.

Doyle Brunson refused to kneel in front of obstacles.He was diagnosed with cancer and survived and a few years later his wife received the same diagnosis but also she defeated the disease .He managed to overcome the pain of losing their daughter aged 18 years , when she accidentally swallowed a lethal dose of potassium . Her death was a shock for all the members of Brunson family .

Doyle started playing poker increasingly often after being injured .and at first he used to take part in illegal games . He won ten event sites of World Series of Poker,two hands of Texas Hold'em bears his name and his earnings from poker tournaments exceed $5,000,000.He wrote several books about poker such as "Super / System representative of poker", and "Poker Wisdom of a Champion".One of the most respected people in the gaming industry Doyle believes that any hand can be turned into a winning hand. Doyle Brunson is convinced that to be successful at poker , a player must not care about money at all : " To be successful at poker , a player must completely ignore the financial aspect " .

His nickname " Texas Dolly " was received after a rather funny scenes .During a tour at the beginning of his career in professional player one commentator has pronounced the name " Dolly " instead of Doyle.Doyle Brunson established and an online poker room that bears his name , Doyle Brunson Poker Room.