Chose the poker game that best fits you !!

There is a large variation of poker games online, the tournaments have won in popularity in the last years , now there are more tournaments then cash tables , especially if we take into consideration the freerolls in real money .

Texas Holdem - the king of online poker games .

By far the most popular game of poker is the texas holdem , most people play it fixed limit and almost as much play no limit holdem , the pot limit games are not very popular. Some other versions of poker games that we can find online would be : omaha , seven-cards stud and also fife - card stud .

Fixed Limit games - If you have never played poker before I recommend that you start playing with fixed limit Texas Holdem.This type of game is very simple and it does not take you very much time to learn the basic strategies . It is suitable for persons that are patient and that are capable to calculate probabilities .

No Limit games- This kind of game is not recommended for beginners , with exceptions for the situation when you play very small stakes .No limit texas holdem is suitable for persons that have courage , plays aggressive and can read their opponents .

Tournaments- To participate in tournaments all players must pay the buy-in and a participation fee that goes to the poker room. The accumulated amount of the buy-ins is what the players will play for .The tournaments may vary from heads-up two players games to multi-table games of thousands players . The prize splits for a designated number of players that occupies the first positions at the end , but the first place will always get the biggest prize.