Barry Greenstein

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Name: Barry Greenstein
Location: Rancho Palo Verde United States
Cashes: 114
Total Winnings: $7,119,012
First Place Finishes: 12
WSOP Bracelets: 3
ProRank 1 Position: 690


Barry Greenstein was born and raised in Scottsdale neighborhood of Chicago and he attended the University of Illinois where he obtained a diploma in IT. Wanted to get his doctorate in mathematics, but withdrew just prior to support the thesis.He worked for Symantec until 1991, when he realized he can earn more money in poker than in the software industry and has abandoned the profession of programmer.

His current residence is Palos Verdes, California having six children, of whom four stepchildren. One of his sons Joe Seabok promises to be a promising poker player with much potential.Barry Greenstein started playing poker at full time at the age of 36 years.So far,he won two bracelets of World Series of Poker an even at No Limit Deuce-to-Seven Draw 2004 and another in 2005, Pot Omaha, and he received money from over 20 World Series of Poker events.

Often called Robin Hood's pokerBarry Greenstein is undoubtedly the most generous professional player poker. Currently, all earnings from Barry tournaments are donated to charities, the organizations of Children Incorporated. Here's how to get there: Barry won 1.000.000$ a tour and decided to donate the money. Following this gesture, he received many positive reactions and found that other players have stepped in their tracks, so he decided to donate the money he still wins from tournaments poker.

Very modest player Barry says that for him poker is a job like any other:To make money playing poker. This is my job. Being very intelligent, Barry wants to excel and to be the best in what he does. In his opinion, poker is a strategy game in which the position is very important.

In his book entitled "Ace on the river"Barry was able to provide a new perspective on poker. He writes about psychology and philosophy of poker, and how you can earn money from this game:Professional poker players can not afford to remain very affected when they lose, as the fans do."

An extremely intelligent player that managed to make a career in poker, Barry Greenstein is among the truly valuable players who contributed to the development of poker and gaming industry worldwide.