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Bad Beat Situation in Poker


Today, online poker players who lose big sums of money at the poker tables do not have to walk away with their head hanging in shame. This is because many online poker rooms have taken to offering what is known as a bad beat bonus, which enables the big losers of the day to get back a portion of what they have lost.

However, it is essential that poker players first understand what a bad beat situation really is; it does not refer to the amount of money lost at a table but rather to an almost win that was missed – and then turned into a bad beat. Bad beat bonuses and jackpots are given to players who had great chances of winning but ended up on the losing end, when they are overtaken by another poker player who should have by all odds lost the game. There has been much debate about what exactly qualifies for a bad beat and although there is no exact guide for this, it is the casino that will make the call on the situation and determine whether there has in fact been a bad beat at the poker table.

Some typical bad beat situations that players can face at a poker table include getting beaten by a Royal Flush when they are holding a poker hand of four aces. Another bad beat situation is to lose the game when you are holding four eights or better. A bad beat situation is not something that can be engineered and depends entirely on luck; usually occurring when the poker player who holds a terrific poker hand is vanquished by another player who makes a fluke call that allows him to win. Most players who win out of these bad beat situations fail to calculate the odds correctly and make wrong calls that turn out to be the right ones for them. For instance, a player with a bad hand and incorrect pot odds can just go ahead and call out a player with a good hand and then win if the call just happens to be correct.

Some poker players experience a bad beat situation when their opponent gets really lucky and gets two running cards on the turn and the river and wins the pot by creating a sudden strong hand. Another situation is losing at the poker table when you are holding a full house and your opponent suddenly makes out a straight flush.

Online poker rooms usually handle bad beat situations in the form a band beat poker bonus or a bad beat jackpot. For instance, Ultimate Bet Poker and Absolute Poker are two reputed poker sites that are known to offer good bad beat poker jackpots. Players can also check out the bead beat offers from Carbon Poker and Party Poker. Poker rooms give out bad beat bonuses and jackpots to help the player who has lost adjust to his failure, as these bad beat situations can be very traumatic for player, especially if he has lost a lot of money.