Poker Tournaments


Tournament Types

If you get bored of playing at individual tables , we suggest you try one of the many types of tournaments.Tournaments are disputed in competition between a fixed number of players ,each in order to collect all the chips . Unlike ordinary tables in all tournaments around the world the players starts with the same number of chips ( for Texas Hold'em tournaments from Bwin for example , players start with 1,500 chips , while in other rooms as Pokerstars the number of chips is 2000 ) . Depending on the type of tournament players well buy new chips ( procedure called re-buy ) or not .

Favorite tournaments for most players from online poker are freerolls or knockout tournaments with small stakes . These tours begin with an equal number of chips ( with or without the possibility of re-buy after a player has finished all the chips ) and ends when one player has collected all the chips available . Generally , players from online poker are used to knockout tournaments , where players are eliminated one by one , and the total award (made in the buy -in paid by each player with or without with guaranteed prize from poker room shall be granted to only winner , or is divided between the best 10/20/100/etc percentage of participants .Due to the popularity of poker online tournaments, you'll be surprised to learn how many types of tournaments are available today.

General rules for all tournaments


In classic tournaments ( knockout , Freerolls , and shootout ) , the competition takes place on several levels . The levels : the number of chips needed for small bet ( small blind ) and big bet( big blind ) . Depending on the tournament , the duration of each level varies . For example, buy-in tournaments with very small ( 50 cents to $ 02.05 ) takes a level between 1 and 7 minutes . For larger tournaments , or special events , levels may change even at 15 or 20 minutes . This depends on the selected poker room and tournament.

There are two types of tournaments : tournaments with or without re-buy . Re-buy means that once a player has finished chips , may, at the end of that hand , to buy more. By re-buy , a player buys the standard number of chips ( 1500 on Bwin, Full Tilt others or 2000 on PokerStars) . In almost all tournaments , money earned from the re -buy fall in total prizes .

Knockout Tournaments

Knockout tournaments are by far the most popular in the competitive structure of online poker. Generally , such tours are conducted daily ( hourly or more often on the poker rooms like Party Poker, or Pokertime) and host over 1,000 players on average . Buy-in generally range from 50 cents up to $ 300 .

In knockout tournaments , each player has to collect all the chips from other players . As the number of chips is variable (depending on the type of tournament re-buy or normal ) , these tournaments generally take more than 3:00 .The tournament starts at multiple tables , each table hosted 10 players . As the tournament progresses and players are eliminated , restricting the number of meals , keeping the same number of players at each table . Do not be surprised that during a tournament you are repeatedly moved from one table to another : in this way you can compete with as many players left in the tournament . These tournaments are also called "Knockout" or "freezeout”.

Sit & Go

While complying pattern from knockout tournaments ( in terms of game structure ) ,Sit & Go tournaments are the most common on online gambling sector . This is because tournaments start immediately after a number of players have registered , hence the name Sit & Go ( sit down and start ) .In the Sit & Go tournaments the number of participants varies between 10 and 30. Such a tournament last no longer than 2 hours , on average , and are open to anyone (except for special tournaments or Sit & Go califications type ) . Unlike other tournaments, Sit & Go tournaments are with 10 places single table.

Shootout Tournaments

This type of tournaments , and the Sit & Go tournaments are knockout . Unlike them, however, shootout tournaments fail to go beyond just the players who finish in first place at the table at which they are assigned . After ending each round ( after the appointment winner from each table ) , the remaining players are assigned to other tables to compete among themselves .

In shootout tournaments you are not moved from the table unless you have collected all the chips at the table . Since this is not a fixed duration , after you win you have to wait as the other tables to designate a winner and then restarting the players left the tournament . Therefore, shootout tournaments generally take more than 5:00 .


By far the most popular tournaments freerolls or " free " are characterized by a unusual feature in the world of online gambling : You can participate without any money , and you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars ! Although it seems hard to believe that some poker rooms are doing so well that they are willing to share profits with no money to players , this is one of the most effective marketing strategies of online poker .