Clearing an Online Poker Bonus

A poker bonus is the most exciting thing about signing up at an online poker room. Poker bonuses are marketing tools successfully utilized by smart poker websites to attract new customers and retain existing ones. However, many new poker players are under the mistaken impression that they can withdraw and keep their poker bonuses as soon as they receive it. This is never possible, as poker rooms can only stay in business by challenging their new customers to withdraw their poker bonuses only after clearing them by playing at the site.

The first step to successfully clear a poker bonus is to choose bonuses wisely. Poker websites make their bonus offers look attractive, but publish the wagering requirements in fine print. Before pouncing on a bonus offer, players should read through the wagering requirements carefully and calculate how much money they need to wager and how many hands they need to play before the bonus can become really theirs.

For instance, if an online poker room says that players need to earn 20 points to clear $1 of their bonus, they will have to earn 20,000 points to clear a $1000 bonus. This means that players will have to make playing poker a full time activity just to clear their bonuses, which most players cannot afford to do. Many times, smaller bonuses are easier to clear than larger ones and clearing poker bonuses is easier at certain online poker rooms than at others.

Hunting for the ideal bonus is therefore the first step to successfully clearing it. Players can get better deals if they sign up through approved affiliate sites. For instance, they can grab a free poker bankroll worth $150 if they sign up through Poker Net Online, and the bonus clearance terms are quite reasonable. The trick is to hunt for a bonus that is easy to clear in the shortest possible time than for the largest bonus in the industry.

Poker bonuses are cleared by playing real money poker. Players simply have to play at a few hands, wager real money, and earn player points. As soon as they have earned the required player points, the online poker room will transfer their bonuses from their bonus accounts to their real money accounts. However, the various criteria taken into consideration while calculating points awarded for play differ from one poker room to another, which is something else players need to consider before they choose a bonus offer.

Poker bonuses also need to be cleared before a given time frame and online poker sites can give players anywhere between 30 days and 120 days to clear their bonuses. If players fail to clear their bonuses within this period, they will lose whatever is left of it.

Poker players should accept bonuses from poker sites that release bonuses into increments of $5 - $20 because clearing bonuses at such sites is much easier than clearing bonuses at sites that wait for players to clear the entire bonus amount before releasing them. Joining sites that release bonuses in increments ensures that players get as much of it as they can before it expires.