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Most players focus more on the cards they are given than the bets they are making. Don't get me wrong, the cards you get are a very important element of the game, but not the only one. If you are not careful you will lose small amounts of chips so often that the losses will eventually be catastrophic, thanks to a bad call, an early fold, a failed bluff or even a missed raise.

You could memorize all the starting hand charts, or even have a counting system, but that will not give you the strategy to play with them. You may have a very good start with them, but you will need a “How to play” manual to make a profit. The fact is that every good starting hand should be played, but the way to play them will vary a lot from hand to hand. Some hands are better played from early positions, while others at the end. You can't bet with crappy hands like straights that lead to nowhere, baby flushes or small pairs, in fact you will mostly end up with hands that are somewhat winners, but with a high risk (even higher if you play them out of position). Play hands that will earn you a lot of chips, extracting their value every round.

The way you play your hand and the way you make your bets can affect the attitude that other players will have towards you in the game, and how they play their hands. You can maximize your earnings if you manage to make the right bet with the right cards, and if you already know how the “act and react” is at the poker table it will be a lot easier to cash out more earnings. Don't chase impossible hands, or hands that have very poor outs. Pick only premium hands and them make the right betting choices to hook other players for a couple of rounds, or to throw them out of the pot at earlier stages. Try this new betting strategy at online poker site and make use of their 10 % sign-up bonus. You can try 888poker also.

Finally, don't get carried away with your betting; sometimes the higher stakes will tend to blur your thoughts and lead you to a pitfall of bad decisions. Remember to set a limit to your betting to avoid losing your everyday money. A good hint is to keep track of your deposits and your losses. That will keep them in your mind if you are reaching your limit, while you can still afford a couple deposits to play a few more games.